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CA student protest - ICAI showed a ray of hope #dearicaipleasechange

CA students along with faculties have been protesting at ICAI heatquarters across India for past two days.
On 24th Sept 2019 ICAI through a notification agreed to work upon their demand for reevaluation

As earlier reported thousands of CA students along with faculties were protesting before the Headquarter situated in Delhi and regional headquarters in different regions of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) since 23rd Sept 2019, demanding the right of re-evaluation of answer sheets.

In the recent CA exams held in June 2019, many students reported discrepancies in the evaluation of answer sheets where they were not allowed marks against the right answers.

ICAI has a strange rule which is a student can apply either for the reevaluation of his answer sheet or can demand soft copies of his answer sheet. If he opts for revaluation he is not eligible to ask for certified copies of his answer sheet or in case he applies for certified copies he will not be able to apply for reevaluation even if he finds discrepancies in evaluation.

To the relief of students, ICAI has issued a notification ( ) on 24th Sept 2019 to address this issue and appealed students to call off their protest. In this ICAI has given a procedure for reevaluation and limitations imposed on the said procedure by regulation 39(4). The notification inter alia contains that

"The above Chartered Accountants Regulations allow correction of marks awarded in case of :

1) No marks awarded to any answer or part of it. 2) Totalling errors in step-wise marks awarded for an answer 3) Wrong carry forward or it's part of marks awarded to answer on the cover page of the answer books.

Beyond this, the Regulation does not permit any subjectivity in checking of answer books. "

Means if students are allotted lesser marks than what they deserve for the relevant answer there were no remedy available. So this time students demanded the entire revaluation of answer sheets which is not limited to above three situations.

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